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Do not buy the most expensive! Do not buy the cheapest! Buy the most suitable for your own printer!

 In fact, the printer has now entered the ordinary business, not only widely used in food packaging, pipe, medicine, beverage and other industries, but also began to develop the wire and cable industry, battery, spring, light industrial keel, aluminum and other industries, the inkjet printer from the original production date, the identification of related information, and so on. Since now, it has been used in product batch tracing, product anti-counterfeiting and other related functions.

It is because of this wide application that the demand for the ink- jet printer is increasing rapidly. The printer more exquisite, the higher stability and the higher level of the protection, the printer more expensive, but the type of the printer can guarantee the related quality performance, and the printer is similar to the automotive industry,With a maintenance of the later period.

The after-sale service of the printer is also a very important reference factor. What the customers of the manufacturers need is to meet their own requirements, purchase the related equipment, do not buy the cheapest, and do not buy the most expensive, only buy the most suitable for ourselves and suitable for own enterprise, the manufacturers breakthrough inkjet coding technology, Compared with similar products, inkjet printer has unparalleled superiority, so  welcome everyone to consult and purchase.

In the rapid development of modern technology, the identification of any product is like proof of identity, so the printer industry plays an unparalleled role in the manufacturing industry. However, the manufacturer has been developing for more than ten years in the printer industry and will continue to serve customers with high quality assurance.

Shanghai Yuchang Industrial Co., Ltd. specializes in R&D, production, and sales of inkjet printers and handheld inkjet printers. It has been engaged in the inkjet coding industry for 15 years and has extensive experience in coding and marking. The products not only sell well in China but also export to more than 100 countries around the world. They are the strength manufacturers in the printer industry.
Statement: This article is original by Shanghai Yuchang Industrial Co., Ltd. For reprint please specify the source of Yuchang Industrial, otherwise the company reserves the right to sue.
About Shanghai Yuchang Industrial CO.,LTD-CYCJET Brand
Shanghai Yu Chang Industrial CO., LTD., the manufacturer who was specialized in handheld inkjet printer and the portable marking solutions, laser marking machine,through 10 years of professional development,  has produced ALT360 hand jet printer, ALT382 large character handheld code printer , ALT200 portable industrial inkjet printer, and LF series portable laser marking machine. Relying on the Yu Chang company perfect sales and after-sales service system, CYCJET brand series portable printing equipment have been best-sold to Europe and the United States, southeast Asia, the Middle East and other countries and regions.
Contact Person: David Guo
 Telephone: 86-21-59970419, Ext.8008
Email: sales@cycjet.com
 Website: http://www.cycjet.com

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