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Application of the inkjet printer on plastic film

Abstract:Application of the inkjet printer on plastic film
 plastic film is widely used in the packaging of products. If subjected to extrusion, the film will be damaged to a certain extent, which will directly affect the beauty of packaging. The non-contact type of coding technology can be directly marked by the plastic film wrapped in the cigarette without damaging the film. The extensive use of plastic materials in the production and processing industry has also led the development of the printer. Nowadays, the printing plastics mainly include PVC, PET and PE, which are also the main materials for the packaging of food, beverage, tobacco and cosmetics. Packaging is very important for the product, so the packaging material requires that the printing effect is not only clear, but also beautiful. The inkjet machine does not touch the surface of the product during the coding process, so whether it is a regular or irregular surface, whether it is round, square or rugged surface, The printer can do a great job.

Demand  for ink
Due to inkjet printing equipment has the advantages of high speed, high efficiency and low cost, the effect of printing is closely related to the performance o f the ink.
    1.Quick-drying  The production speed of the production line is constantly increasing, It needs the cooperation of quick-drying ink. For example, in the processing and production of cigarette packets, the ink is printed to the surface of the product immediately after it is dried and firmly attached to the surface of the product,It will not be printed on other positions and the surface of the soiled object, ensuring that each of the printed products is clear, complete and easy to distinguish, and does not affect the entire production process, effectively reducing the downtime.
2.Anti-counterfeiting  The anti-counterfeiting function of the product is more and more valued by the merchants. As the carrier of the product identification, the ink also takes up this important task. An ultraviolet visible anti-counterfeiting ink that appears on the market has good anti-counterfeiting properties. This ink is not displayed under normal light and can only be seen under UV light.
 3. Environmental protection   Ink and solvent are highly volatile substances, which will produce more chemical and toxic residues and pollute the environment. Especially for food packaging, the environmental protection of ink is more important, and its chemical composition and odor may be penetrated through the film and packaging into the food, endangering the health of the human body. At present, printer equipment suppliers are very concerned about the development of environmentally protection inks.
The stability and reliability of the inkjet printer equipment will be an important trend in the future development of technology. The speed of domestic plastic product lines is getting higher and higher,and the market of inkjet printer with fast performance is undoubtedly wider.
Shanghai Yuchang Industrial Co., Ltd. specializes in R&D, production, and sales of inkjet printers and handheld inkjet printers. It has been engaged in the inkjet coding industry for 15 years and has extensive experience in coding and marking. The products not only sell well in China but also export to more than 100 countries around the world. They are the strength manufacturers in the printer industry.
Statement: This article is original by Shanghai Yuchang Industrial Co., Ltd. For reprint please specify the source of Yuchang Industrial, otherwise the company reserves the right to sue.
About Shanghai Yuchang Industrial CO.,LTD-CYCJET Brand 
Shanghai Yu Chang Industrial CO., LTD., the manufacturer who was specialized in handheld inkjet printer and the portable marking solutions, through 10 years of professional development,  has produced ALT360 hand jet printer, ALT382 large character handheld code printer , ALT200 portable industrial inkjet printer, and LF series portable laser marking machine. Relying on the Yu Chang company perfect sales and after-sales service system, CYCJET brand series portable printing equipment have been best-sold to Europe and the United States, southeast Asia, the Middle East and other countries and regions.
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